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According to hydrogeological studies, geophysical and electromagnetic survey of the aquifer in the area where the Dirfys water source is, the unspoilt and unchanging quality of the source, is secured against external influences and environmental contamination.​The geological formations of the region form the content of water in metal and nonmetal elements, functioning both as natural filters that protect against pathogenic microorganisms.​


• Complete absence of heavy metals and organic carbon.​• Low - no concentration of nitrates and nitrites, as expected, since the source is located at a high altitude at the foot of Mount Dirfys, away from agricultural crops (fertilizers or pesticides) and livestock activities.
​• An ideal ratio of calcium-magnesium, 3 to 1Appropriate amount of magnesium which positively affects both the heart and the diuresis.​
• Low concentration of sodium, so it is suitable for low-sodium diet.​


Transparent and crystalline with minimum viscosity and zero bubble retention. Excellent purity and moderate to low intensity aromas on the nose, indicating freshness, elegance and depth. Initially soft and round in the mouth, with a medium body and a hint of sweetness on the tip of the tongue.​The medium solids occurs through a fine-grained, multi-dimensional texture, while at pH 7,8 it gives a pleasant and discreet alkalinity. ​The mouth aromas are more intense than those of the nose, with a dominant mineral complex character, while the aromas persist on the aftertaste, continuously evolving even in texture.​