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Dirfys water is bottled directly from the spring, in the mountain bearing the same name in Evia Island.

1975 - the subsequent founders Dirfys S.A, start distributing in Chalkis drinking water from resources in the region of Dirfys using tankers.

1980 - Gerakinis K. & Co is established to bottle water and carbonated soft drinks (orange, lemon, soda water).

1985 – the company stops bottling carbonated soft drinks.

1990 - new equipment is acquired for the production capacity of 7,000 bottles(1,5 lit) per hour and 10,000 bottles (0,5 lit) per hour.

From 1990 onwards, the company achieves significant sales growth in Greece, as well as in Australia, USA, Saudi Arabia and Germany.

2001 – upgrade the production process, replacing the equipment with new state-of-the-art machinery(replacing PVC with PET).

2007 - the company is redeemed by Nikas Holdings and turned into a Limited Company.

2007-2009 - the factory is completely reconstructed and new state-of-the-art equipment from the French company Sidel replaced completely the old one. The total cost of the investment exceeds13 million euro.

2010 - Dirfys SA restarts its operation, expanding sales throughout Greece and abroad.

Since 2010, Dirfys SA has been applying the HACCP system, as well as the quality assurance system for certified food and beverages, according to the ISO 22000 standard.


The production is housed in a newly built, modern industrial building designed to respect the environment while abiding by all the rules.
Dirfys bottles the water using Combi machinery, by the French company Sidel which is renowned for its high technology and productivity equipment. No human intervention is required at any point.
Thus, the product is offered directly from source to consumer. The bottling process is controlled at all stages, ensuring best quality. The preforms (pet) are formed into bottles, disinfected with the use of UV radiation, while being monitored by cameras.
The bottle is slowly filled and sealed, in a completely sterile environment where even the air is filtered. The process described above takes less than 10 sec.
The production team is a group of specialized engineers, due to the state-of-the-art technology applied daily.





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